Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Come check it out! I got the final piece to my 5 set Alice in Wonderland postcards - The mighty scary Queen of Hearts ("Off with your head!"). This now completes my Wonderland set and is available to buy on my Etsy store. (I love them so much!)

I have also added a few more lovely polymer clay jewellery trinkets and a cupcake stationery writing set! This set comes with 10 lined writing sheets with a cupcake design on the back, 10 matching cupcake envelopes, 1 magnetic bookmark and some cupcake cutouts to decorate however you please.

My favourite item? The cupcake bookmark! It's so cute and adorable and USEFUL! I am constantly losing my bookmarks (weird because they're there to help find - does anyone else lose theirs?) but now I won't have to worry because now I have this! The bottom of the bookmark holds a small flat magnet which snaps together the pages you're reading so the mark doesn't fall out! Smart!


rkdsign88 said...

I love your new items.
I have awards for your blog. Please feel free to grab it at my blog.

Chichiboulie said...

WOW! Gorgeous!! I love cupcakes and tea too. Probably a little too much according to my thighs... I love your style. So cute.

Duni said...

Your Queen of Hearts is too cute to be scary. I love her!
The cupcake bookmark is so adorable, but then all of your cupcake-themed items are!!

have a nice day,


Sabina said...

What a wonderful site and such lovely things!!


Little Miss Mel said...

Thanks so much everyone for all your kind words!

belleandboo said...

I love your completed postcard set, Alice is a firm fav of mine x

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