Sunday, March 17, 2013

FREEBIE! Easter Notecard and Tags


I leave tomorrow to go to Europe for our 6 week Honeymoon!!!! Super duper excited for our trip! We'll be going to Rome, Greek Islands, Venice, Lucerne, Prague, Amsterdam, London, Leeds, Paris and Barcelona. 6 weeks will be the biggest holiday I've ever taken, and even though it's a long time, that's a lot of places to cram in. But I can not wait!

Because I'll be MIA over March and most of April (missing Easter), I decided to do yet another FREEBIE for you guys - A cute Easter notecard and 3 tags. Print them, cut them out, string them around your chocolate eggs - it's that easy.

Here's the link:


Hope you enjoy them and have a great Easter. Of course I'm bring my iPad and sketchbook with me, so hopefully when I get back I'll have more stuff for you guys to look at!

See you all in 6 weeks!!

Mel XO

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Woohoo! New FREEBIE! Monster Love Notecards

I know I know right... where have I been?

Well in the last year, I have been really busy... nothing too exciting... just... got married. no biggie.

I am totally kidding. It was a really hectic year juggling all that goes into planning a wedding PLUS working fulltime - I literally had no time to spend on my blog (as you can tell).

This year, I wanted to start it off with a bang and get stuck into blogging and designing again, but you know... got something else to plan yet again... just.. my honeymoon. Europe. 6 weeks. (SO EXCITED!)

But I promised myself I'd at least post something on my blog before I go and what better way to start it off than a new freebie! I'm actually in the process of designing a series of Monster Love cards for my store so stay tuned for that!

All you need is a printer, some nice cardstock (white or cream) and bobs your uncle!

Oh right.. the freebie... CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD.

Write a cute message on the back and give it to someone special. Who says Love is just roses, hearts and chocolates? Monsters need love too right?

Hope you enjoy.

XO Mel.

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