Friday, June 27, 2014

New Baby Shower Games Trio Set

Hi everyone!!

I know I know... I've been gone WAY too long. But I've actually been smashing out content (including loads of free printables) on my other website Mockeri. If you haven't already made your way over there, please do! But I haven't forgotten about my printable Etsy store. I actually have lots of ideas for it which is all to do with games and organization. I do want to create and design more stuff for the store this year.

Anyway, the baby shower games in my store do really well and I wanted to do a simpler maybe more easy set which includes a baby word jumble, celebrity baby match and a nursery rhyme guessing game. I'll also release the individual games to the store as well. So if you or a friend has a Baby Shower coming up, please check them out!

Any suggestions for further games please let me know!

XO Mel

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