Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Picks

I think I wasted half of the weekend sleeping in! So exhausted! I blame the warm weather, just makes me so sleepy. I've also been taking baths all week because we painted the tiles in the shower. I've forgotten how nice a good bath can be. And it's got me reading again!

Here are my Sunday picks:

Favourite recipe: Vietnamese Chicken Salad (Lifestylefood. Recipe here)

Favourite colour scheme: Spring Tones (design seeds)

Favourite Mac game: Hobby Farm (Big Fish Games)

Favourite Etsy store: Belle & Boo - adorable illustrations

What are your favourites?

Have a beautiful week!

Mel xx

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Item: Sweet Shop Party Stationery

Just got done photographing my Sweet Shop party stationery over the weekend.
Here are some single shots:

And some sneak peeks at the stationery files:

More detailed description at my shop.

Hope you like.

Mel xx

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday Picks

The last couple of days has been so warm! I love it! It's reminding me of the beach, sunglasses, shorts, summer breezes, and I can't wait for the holidays!

So, here are my Sunday picks:

Favourite holiday: Japan (I would really love to go back!)

Favourite song: Boadicea - Enya (This was the start of a Criminal Minds episode - I love Criminal Minds!)

Favourite PJ set: Bambi Mini Short Set (Peter Alexander)

Favourite accessory: Alice in Wonderland earrings (Loungefly)
Have a beautiful week!

Mel xx

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Picks

After a crazy week with 2 magazine deadlines, I spent this weekend in the company of good people - my family. I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend. Now... Here are my Sunday picks:

Favourite Song: Better Together by Jack Johnson (Hawaiian version)

Favourite Accessory: Apple Ring (Galibardy)

Favourite Mac game: Fisher's Family Farm (Big Fish Games)

Favourite Recipe: Cheese & Bacon Scrolls ( I use ham instead of bacon.

What are your favourites? Have a beautiful week!

Mel xx 

New Item: Meal Planner

I re-designed my weekly food planner. It's now available in my store!


Mel xx

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday Picks

Rain, rain go away. What's with all the rain lately? It's nearly October!! Come on Mr. Sun, back to work! I hope everyone had a great week! I've been hitting the gym lately, and I feel really good about it! I've been going 6 times a week, and it amazes me how fast you can get fit! I ran 8km yesterday! I feel very proud of myself.
So anyway, here are my Sunday picks.

Edit: It IS October! That's how much I've been paying attention! D'oh!

Favourite Craving: (Seriously Happy Meal) - It's a cupcake cookie!

Favourite Colour Scheme: Gumdrop Hues (Design Seeds)

Favourite wedges: (urbanog)

Favourite lolly buffet: (The Wedding Ladies)

Favourite Etsy Store: (Petit Plat) - Deliciously Inedible.

What's your favourite?
Have a beautiful week!
Mel xx
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