Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Talented Artist: rkdsign88

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on this fantastic etsy shop by Rita. I bought a gorgeous and adorable print of a girl holding a tray of a teapot/teacup set. But there are much more talented artworks that is available to buy from her shop (and so cheap too). Here are only just a selected few of my faves.

She is incredibly kind, generous and easy to talk to. I remember when I received my order in the post I was flushed with such excitement it made up week! The print was more than I could ever imagine and also included extra treats! I framed it straight away, hung it on my wall and it looks so cute!

Everything in her store is a pleasure to look at, and it doesn't hurt if you're also obsessed with cupcakes and tea like I am.

Check it out now! and also have a peek at her fantastic blog!


rkdsign88 said...

OMG Thank you so much for posting my arts, very very appreciate it. I just knew today.

Little Miss Mel said...

You're welcome Rita!

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