Monday, March 30, 2009

Meet Bourbie and Toby

Bourbie as a puppy (above) Bourbie now (below)
Bourbie is my bf's dog. She's a maltese terrier x shitzu and was about the size of a rat when we first met her. Bourbie barks at everything - the cuckatoos, dogs on tv, the NRMA ad, when you come home, when someone knocks on the door, when she's stuck in the garden, when she wants to go outside, when she wants food, when you're chasing her and when she wants to play with the ball. She acts like a toughie but when there's a thunderstorm she hides in the cupboards and shakes so much her fur falls off (not literally). If you hear thunder and can't find Bourbie, chances are she's climbed into one of the holes in the entertainment unit, or hidden herself in the tupperware cupboard.
Toby as a puppy (above) Toby now (below)
Toby is my dog. He's a german shepherd x husky x dingo (i think). He's definately part dingo because he howls when he hears police/ambulance sirens on the street. One weekend, the fam and I went on a holiday to a remote farm taking along Toby. The little barn that we stayed in was surrounded by big black cows. The cows were so nosey that they were standing as close to the fence as possible looking at us to see what we were doing. Every morning Toby decided it was his job to run outside and tell the cows off. He would run along the fence barking at the cows, but cows being cows they wouldn't pay any attention. Then every night while we were playing Monopoly, he'll curl up next to the table right in the middle of the floor and sleep. The family was safe inside and his job was done for the day. He's as big as a sheep but a big softie inside.

I'm a dog person, dog lover, dog everything!!! These are my 2 faourite dogs in the whole wide world and I love them to bits!!!


Melissa Fischer said...

thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

rkdsign88 said...

Oh your dogs are very very lovely...definitely they make you feel happy.
Wow thank you so much for including me to your wish list. I will try to grab your cute button ....since my internet connection so slow now due to the bad weather, hopefully it will take it.

Little Miss Mel said...

Thanks Mel and Rita.
It rained cats and dogs today. i was wearing boots but my feet and socks are soaking wet!

Alexiev said...

Beatifull dogs...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

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