Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I saw Eclipse

Yes, I saw it!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to see Eclipse at the cinemas and I didn’t like it that much at all! From what I can remember of the book, it was a lot similar to it… and I didn’t like the book much either (apart from the fighting/war part).

Before reading on, read what I thought about the whole Twilight book series, here.

I was looking forward to the fight scene where Cullen’s and Werewolves team up to take on the New Borns, but there wasn’t much of that! They showed the fight with Edward and Victoria and then when we go back to the field, it’s over!! That was disappointing to me! I wanted more! The whole movie was about the love triangle between Edward, Jacob and Bella… and yes, that was the main thing in the book too… which is probably why I didn’t like it much. Bella annoys me!

It’s funny, I saw the movie with my boyfriend, Tyler, and asked him if he was Team Edward, or Team Jacob… and he said, Team Charlie. So every time, Bella’s dad had a ‘confrontation’ with either Bella or Edward about them being together, Tyler was cheering him on (and I secretly was too)! Hee hee!

Next movie I really want to watch, Toy Story 3! I’ve heard good things and funny things… and also sad things!! But I am really looking forward to watching it!.. oh and also Inception! It was a TT on twitter today so I wonder if that means it's getting great reviews!

What are your thoughts?

By the way, has anyone been watching the True Blood series?? Now that is brilliant! Oh and has anyone seen the trailer for the last Harry Potter movies?? I had chills running down my spine!! I can't  believe it's going to be over soon!! Sob!


Moe said...

I agree with everything you've said! And yes the True Blood series is so much better. I was addicted to Twilight for the same reasons you mentioned. Its a great romance of undying and violent love between two people surely not destined for each other....but its also about a controlling boyfriend who won't let her go see one of her best friends! Harry Potter is a great role model :) & I can not wait to see the new movie(s)

Tinys and Tea said...

Yes!!! Someone that feels the same about me on Twilight!!! The most frustrating thing about the story is that Bella is so willing to turn her back on things that have been there for most of her life (e.g. family) for a 'guy' that she's known for a year? and end her life for him!
It's like she doesn't treasure 'life' at all!! And that makes me angry!

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