Sunday, June 27, 2010

My makeup tip

I love makeup as much as the next girl, and like every other girl, I don't have a fortune to spend on it! I've gone through a few makeup and foundation brands, and also different ways of applying it, but have finally found something I truly love.

For my makeup, all I use is Covergirl Clean Normal Skin Makeup in buff beige and I apply it using a foundation brush. I don't know why I've never thought to try applying makeup or foundation with a brush before, maybe because they usually come with an applicator, or it's just easier to use my fingers, but applying this makeup with a foundation brush really makes a difference!

All I do is pour a little makeup onto the brush, then I dab the brush into the lid to spread it around the brush more so I don't just have a big glob on the brush. I also don't waste the makeup, because now I can dab inside the lid if I need more. Then I just dot around my face and start brushing the makeup in. You really have more control and more evenness using a brush... maybe it's my artist ways, but I feel like it's more even and Covergirl's makeup is really smooth! It's water-based so it doesn't clog pores (and you can really feel it). Make sure you don't have brush strokes across your face though, so just blend the makeup with a circular motion using the brush to get rid of them. And that's it! Then I use a concealer and powder to finish it off!

Now here comes the best bit! These two items are so inexpensive it makes MAC look ridiculous! I bought the Covergirl Makeup at Target for only $16 AU, and the foundation brush (Artiste Manicare) at Priceline for only $11 AU (something you'll keep using too)! You'll probably need to buy a brush cleaner eventually (I havn't yet... anyone know of a good inexpensive brand of one?)

Remember, Covergirl you can buy anywhere - Priceline, Target, BigW, etc... and even at supermarkets like Woolworths and Coles, so wait til one of them has a special (one of them usually does!)

What's your favourite inexpensive makeup brands to use?

Mel xx

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rkdsign88 said...

My favorite inexpensive make up care will be burts bee moisturizer. Love it so much !

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