Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twilight gets under my skin!

If you’re crazy about Twilight and can’t see anything wrong with it, read no further (it will probably only upset you).

I do have to admit, the whole Twilight series had me hooked (and a little bit obsessed) but not ALL for good reasons. Yes, it was incredibly easy to read and yes, it was a great ‘story’ (about teen love – good vampires vs bad vampires vs humans), but I was a little shaken (and stirred) about some of the messages it portrayed. So I’m 23 years old and I’m not in the demographic, but I know a lot of people my age and older who are avid Twilight fans. The biggest beef I have against this story is the fact that Bella was so willing to turn away from family over this boy(vampire)!! She had a good, caring, warm and loving family and it was ALMOST as if she didn’t even have to think twice to turn her back on all of them so she could run off, live forever, get married and have babies (I know this was an accident and each thought impossible but the message is still that)! Don’t forget she was also willing to give up her friends, social life and school! Is that what kids are taking away from this story? That even if you’re that ‘in love’ with a boy, it’s okay to run away from loved ones, get married, fall pregnant before you’re even 18!?

I know it’s all fantasy (for those who have not realised yet – vampires do not exist) but the whole concept of such strong teen love is not fantasy. The messages that lie within this story are very much real!

At this point you’re probably wondering then, why I managed to read through all 4 books. Why is it so popular and why to me did I have an urge to finish it? I was obsessed because of the good and bad reasons. You know when something’s so controversial, it angers you but you still read it anyway? (I was also bored on the train and I travel 2 hours every day to get to work). I didn’t totally hate it though, I did like reading it but I am worried and angry at how selfish Bella was. The whole husband/baby/family life I can related to because I want that some time in the near future (not all at once however!) but I know girls who are 12 years and younger who are just as obsessed! I suppose you’re saying to yourself right now “well she had no choice – vampire life is where you HAVE to give up everything!” and in some ways it’s true. But she was a teenager and unlike the Cullen family she had a choice whether or not to live the life of a vampire and she was so willing to give up her HEALTHY human life (i.e everything) for it! Yes I know it’s for love, but does that make it okay? Doesn’t anyone else think it’s kind of selfish as much as you love Twilight? Maybe that's why it's so popular....

Anyway I conclude with this:
1. I do not think Robert Pattinson is sexy at all!
2. I am on team Jacob and not Edward.
3. Bella is selfish and annoys me but I love her name – Bella Swan
4. Dying to see the second movie none the less.
5. Has anyone seen Interview with a Vampire? Much better Vampire movie – although a lot different.
6. Harry Potter makes a much better teen/fantasy/love/school/life story. Don’t even compare.
7. Robert Pattinson is much sexier as Cedric.
8. Dying to see next Harry Potter movie too.

So comment whether you agree or don’t agree! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


clare's craftroom said...

I have a teenage son who is onto his 2nd book . I have seen the movie liked but didn't love it .
Thankyou for visiting and following my blog , it's nice to meet you .

Duni said...

I've seen the movie, but not read any of the books. After all the hype on other blogs, I was a little disappointed - too melodramatic for me.
Of course, the Harry Potter films are amazing, but they are big budget!

btw, your earrings make me drool :)

Little Miss Mel said...

Hi Clare nice to meet you too :) I didn't think the movie was THAT good either!

Haha thanks Duni! True about HP! I so wish I went to Hogwarts :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

I've seen the movie but I haven't read any of the books. I've also seen Interview with the Vampire ages ago, that movie was a classic. I love that movie

Little Miss Mel said...

Is was wasn't it? Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise played great roles! Tom Cruise 'seemed' normal then.

Tyler said...

I agree Little Miss Mel! I would so rather snuggle Rob Weasley at night than that ghost white faced freak from Twilight - he was meant to be a Vampire not Casper!!!


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