Friday, August 1, 2014

Perpetual Daily Planner

I'm so excited to be adding a new item to my store. This is something I've been 'planning' (get it?) and thinking about for a while but haven't had the time to work on it til only recently. Introducing my Perpetual Daily Planner printable which is available in my store now.

I really love my diary/planner. All my important dates, information, ideas and notes are in it. Planning and being organised keeps me motivated and also inspired. I wanted to do a calendar and daily planner for 2014 but since it's already August, it'd be waste. Instead, a perpetual one means that you can start it on any month, day or year!


Starting with a fun, happy and colourful cover page, a personal information page follows. Then your perpetual planner that begins with a monthly page and then 2 page daily spreads. Being a perpetual planner, you can print multiple copies for as many months or even years as you want!

Also in the set I've included some add on pages. These include a Meeting Notes page, Notes page, Important Numbers page, Contacts page, and Presents page. Again, print multiple copes, as many as you like, to fill up your planner.

And I also did these dividers to separate the different sections you'll have. There are 7 dividers, 3 are already labeled - Planner, Meetings & Notes. The other 4 are blank for you to label as you like. Go to my shop now to check it out!

Eeeeee! It's so pretty and bright and colourful! It makes me happy! I'm so excited about this Planner and will be listing other add-ons to this planner later on (I'm thinking a Budget Planner, Exercise Planner, Blogging Planner etc - how exciting is that!)

I'll definitely be doing one for 2015 though with all the dates pre-filled so stay tuned to that.

Hope you enjoy it!


*EDIT* I no longer sell this Perpetual Planner in my store but have instead released my 2015 Daily Planner Printable which is available for purchase in my Mockeri store.

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