Friday, August 15, 2014

Blog Planner and Budget Planner Printables

I recently added a new item to my store: The Perpetual Daily Planner which will help those who like to be super organized and have day to day tasks, ideas, reminders, meal planning all in the one place.

I had mentioned that I would be creating add-on planners and here are two!

For those that love to blog - a Blog Planner.

Keep track of your blog posts, schedules, ideas and upcoming blog projects. Everything you want to record on the one page! What's the post about? What photos do you want to include? Any links? Don't forget to include your tags to the post and check off whether you share it across your social media. Check off steps from drafting to publishing and even jot down a follow-up idea for the future!

For those that want to keep their finances in order - a Budget Planner.

 Keep track of your daily expenses, determine a monthly budget and record a monthly summary, and track all your credit card purchases with this simple Budget Planner. This printable is a great way to record your income, expenses/bills, differences and spendings. Write notes and goals on how you can improve.

These two organizational planners works great in A5 size binders or ring bounded notebooks. They can be used by itself without the whole Daily Planner if that's what you want, or, have everything all in the one binder! You choose! Print these out yourself, shuffle them all in a planner or binder of your choice, and print multiple copies for as long as you wish!

I hope you enjoy.


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