Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Daily Doodles

Do you guys remember a while back, I did a drawing course hosted by Stephanie Fizer? Well, she has invited us to participate in a sketch challenge during the next year.

The challenge is this: Spend 15 minutes sketching every single day for 365 days. Yes, that's a whole year!

Now, I've probably already probably failed in this challenge as it started December 1 and I'm ALREADY behind! But I did catch up and have drawn all my daily doodles since then. Here they are:

December 1st 2011 - Night

December 2nd 2011 - Brilliant

December 3rd 2011 - Lush

December 4th 2011 - Real

I took a little bit of extra time to roughly colour these drawings too. It's been really great to put pencil to paper daily. I will try my bestest to post up my doodles every day, but it's more likely that I will post them up every couple of days or once a week because of my busy schedule. I will be setting aside at least 15 minutes out of the day to sketch though! That is a big challenge for me!

Do you guys sketch every day?

Mel XO

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