Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday picks

What a weekend! I went to the Harry Potter Exhibition at the Powerhouse museum. If you're a Harry Potter nutter just like me, it's something that you can not miss. It brought back so many memories and just made me wish there were more films... because 8 wasn't enough. My fave part was seeing all the costumes - especially Sirius' (my favourite character) and also the Quidditch board game. They seriously need to come out with that one for real.

Afterwards we went to get the new iPhone 4S (Hello Siri!) and watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 (they really didn't need two films for this book - I mean come on, I've watched films that have had a lot more things happen in them than that).

Here are my Sunday picks:

Favourite boots: (urbanog)

Favourite dress: Strawberry Iced Tea Dress (ModCloth)

Favourite bike: (Mojo Bike) - I'm going to get one of these one day

Favourite accessory: Disney Couture Minnie x Mawi charm bracelet (miijo)

Mel XO

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