Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Picks

My body is in a bit of pain. I did 2 huge interval workouts yesterday. It felt really good afterwards, but I'm paying for it today.
I've also wrapped all my Christmas presents early! I've wrapped the presents, but the tree isn't up yet. I'm leaving that for another weekend. But there ain't many free weekends left until Christmas! So excited!

Here are my Sunday picks:

Favourite song: Paradise by Coldplay

Favourite photo: Life on this earth is precious.

Photography Images

Favourite video: Forgetting Sarah Marshall bloopers. Jason Segel's laugh makes me laugh!

Favourite holiday destination: Antarctica - wouldn't that just be amazing?

Favourite craving: (Seriously Happy Meal)

XO Mel


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Thannks for the Sarah Marshall bloopers they were hilarious.

Tinys and Tea said...

Hi Green Tea and Cupcakes! How funny was the part with Jonah Hill and the glass? I literally could not stop myself from laughing! So glad you enjoyed it :)

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