Thursday, January 20, 2011

New New Item: Editable Recipe Cards!

I have just added a PDF editable version of my recipe card in my store!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Basically, this means that you can open this document in Acrobat Reader and type in yourself the text you would like on this document before printing it out! Check box the category, enter a recipe name, author name, how many people it serves, the time, directions and ingredients, then print and use!

Here is how it works for the newbies! (it's much like the FREEBIE PRINCESS INVITE I posted before).
1. Open the pdf document in Adobe Acrobat. You will see a purple bar underneath the tool bar at the top. On the right hand side, click "Highlight Fields".
2. Blue boxes will appear over the text that you are able to change. In this document, you are able to check box the category of the recipe just by clicking in the box (like a check box!). In the Name, Author, Serving, Time, Directions and Ingredients, simply type in the text boxes to add your text. Any text lines that aren't highlighted, you will not be able to change.
 3. Get typing! If you hover your mouse of the text boxes highlighted, the cursor should change to a 'I' - meaning you can click in that box to start typing. For the check boxes, if you hover your mouse over the circles, the cursor should change to a pointed hand. Simply click to check the circles!

That's it!! Print the file, cut the cards out and you could have your very own filed recipe box with all your own secret recipes typed out onto it! It's so exciting!!!

Mel xx

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Recipe Cards said...

Hi all,

These are fantastic editable recipe cards. You have such great style. Keep it up always!

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