Monday, September 13, 2010

FREE Princess Invite - Editable Text

As promised, I've got another exciting free printable for everyone to download and print off. This one's really exciting as you're able to change the text on the pdf yourself!! How handy is that?

This is an adorable princess invitation which you can alter the text/party info, print and cut out yourself. It will fit any C6 envelope (114mm x 162mm). Print on thick board for better results.


You need to have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader (it's free!) to be able to change the text. Here is a run through of what to do:
1. Open the pdf document in Adobe Acrobat. You will see a purple bar underneath the tool bar at the top. On the right hand side, click "Highlight Fields".
2. Blue boxes will appear over the text that you are able to alter. In this document it is the name, birthday age, address, date, time, party information, and RSVP. Any text lines that aren't highlighted, you will not be able to change.
3. Move your mouse/cursor over the blue boxes. They will change to an 'I' symbol which means you can click in these boxes. The box will highlight as you move over them with a black line around it. So now all you need to do is click in the box, delete the text already there, and change it to what you want it to say!

Simple as that!

I will definitely be designing my printable stationery to have this feature. That way people will be able to put what they want written there instead of having to write it there themselves. Looks more professional and cute and saves me from doing custom named printables!

Let me know what you think about this! Hope you like it!

Mel xx


Unknown said...

super cute :) I love it hehe

pip a la chic said...

these are so cute1 So glad I came across your blog. I LOVE stationary too!!!

Tinys and Tea said...

Thanks so much ladies! xx

pip a la chic said...

Me again! I purchased a stationary set off your etsy....Was wondering when I would be getting it emailed?

Tinys and Tea said...

Hi pip a la chic,
I've emailed it to you I hope you like it! Thanks so much for stopping by my shop :)

Niftynnifer said...

Hi there. I am doing a round up of princess crochet & Crafts. May I use this? I would use 1 photo, share a direct link to this page, and a link to your sites home page. Thank you in advance :)

Tinys and Tea said...

Hi Jennifer,
Of course you can! Thanks so much!

Niftynnifer said...

Here it is :)

Thank you :)

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