Monday, June 3, 2013

Simple Patterned Planner Set

Added these to my Etsy store today. Go check them out.

  For those that love to stay organized as much as I do - this set comes with a:
1. Monthly Planner
2. Weekly Planner
3. Must Read: Book List
4. To Do This Week Planner
5. Housework/Chores Planner
6. Goals/Places To Go List
7. Project Planner
8. Today Planner

Working on some more sets (Budget, Food/Exercise, Online, Calendar/Schedule) in the future so subscribe on the right to keep up-to-date!

Hope you enjoy!

XO Mel

oh. And if you've been following my facebook page, I've promised to update my Monthly Planner freebie which I will be posting tomorrow!

1 comment:

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

My friend loves panda's so she is going to love this. Thanks for sharing.

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