Friday, September 16, 2011

Fiji Trip

BULA everyone!!!

We just got back from our amazing Fiji holiday! I loved it so much, it seriously was such a relaxing and beautiful trip. I did not want to leave, I was ready to chuck a tantrum on the last day - that's how much I did not want to go home! Teehee!

Some of the highlights were: the chilled out and amazingly friendly Fijian people (Fiji time), a gorgeous friend's wedding, the beautiful Outrigger resort we stayed at, and a day trip out to an island where we snorkeled, watched coconut cracking and fire dancing as well as a crab race of which I won! Me! I never win anything! (They even held a presentation and gave me a crown!)

(see that huge crab at the front? That was lucky number 19!! I think I had a slight advantage over the others...)

Although the trip was short (we only spent 5 nights there) - I had such a terrific time. Definitely one of my favourite holidays so far. The people there were super friendly and relaxed, the pool was open 24/7, our room was spectacular (I can't recommend the Outrigger enough - I think it is one of the main reasons why we enjoyed our holiday so much) and the wedding we went to was perfect! I will most certainly be returning to Fiji sometime soon (sooner than soon)! Vinaka so very much Fiji!

Mel xx

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