Friday, April 1, 2011

FREE April Calendar

The Queen of Hearts April freebie calendar.


Happy Aprils Fools everyone! I didn't have the heart to play any tricks on anyone today, but my fiance actually played a cruel joke on his friends. He pretended that he was getting kicked out the house by me and was asking his mates for a place to stay! They were all genuinely worried about it too! So mean...

Tell me your April Fools Day stories! What jokes did you play?
Mel xx

1 comment:

Pavinee said...

I love all your calendar illustration. Very cute! :-D

I don't play jokes on April's Fool day so don't have anything to share :-)

I'm your Inspired Doodles fellow and I saw you are following my blog too! Thanks so much :-D

Off to check out your shop now.
Happy doodles and happy sales for you!

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