Friday, October 9, 2009


I've been out of action for a while mainly due to work and preparing to go on vacation! But now I have returned and I know I say this all the time, but I vow to keep up-to-date with blogging. We're in the process of getting internet at home so it'll make posting on my blog, etsy and twittering a lot easier! (i hope!)

Not many of you know this about me, but I LOVE to travel. When I was little, we were asked what are dreams were and all my friends would say, "I want to grow up, have babies and be a good mum". Well my dream was, "I want to travel the whole wide world!" But sadly, I havn't been to many places overseas. I plan to visit Europe, Japan, America, Egypt and NZ next so I'll just keep working away, making enough money until I have enough to take each one head on! But first on the list was Thailand and I'm happy to say that 2 weeks ago... that's where I was!

My favourite thing about Patong Beach in Phuket? The shopping! And I did a lot! I bought bags, wallets, clothes, dresses, socks, dvds, food, shoes, jewellery and bags... and bags... and bags! I bought a lot of bags! I bought presents for mum, dad and my sister and by the end I was so worried my luggage bag would be over the limit! But I wasn't (lucky, I wouldn't have been able throw away anything).

I've been pretty stressed at work recently so this vacation was the perfect thing to do! And it was the most relaxing thing I've done. Thinking about it now just makes me remember how relaxed and carefree I was. We rode on elephants (so cute and clever), ate a lot of food (breakfast was my fave - buffet!), went on a speedboat tour around the 42 islands they have there (so much to see), went on a city tour (cashew nut factory, viewpoints, big buddha, world's biggest gem factory, temples), went to the FantaSea show (spectacular!), went canoeing (fun!), got foot massages, body scrubs, and pedicures (so cheap and so good), went cave exploring (slippery), and enjoyed the nightlife (Bangla Road)!

The only thing I didn't like: The plane trip. 9 hours. Cramped. Babies crying. Headache. But despite that, it was great! Every day was like an adventure. There's so much to see and do (and eat!) that it was hard to choose in the 10 days we were there! I would definately go again and can't wait til the day I do!

Next on my list: Japan!


Art Fan Ako said...

How fun! They had a disastrous storm in Phuket a few years back but it looks like everything's back to business. Thanks for sharing!

A Girl Called E said...

Your holiday looks fantastic Mel! Love the photos - that seafood is making me hungry... and I just ate! I'm glad you had such a good time and hope that post-holiday relaxation sticks around for a while longer :) xx

wevegotpaper said...

It sounds like you had an amazing vacation! Your photos are great. The food looks yummy! :)

Julie xox

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

what a fun vacation. That picture of the seafood is making me crave for shrimps and lobsters right now. yummy...

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