Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Better late than never!

It's taken me ages to finally post this but hoorah!! I call this style of this drawing - light and fluffy because it's so incredibly cute in a quirky way! This drawing I did months ago inspired by the lovely tale of Billy Goats Gruff has finally been posted in my store! Apologies to all who has been waiting for this to come out!! You get 5 postcards in this posting - go to my store for more details!

Sorry that it's been a while for me to post something about my artwork! I've been thinking about getting more into doing stationery work and am in the process of doing up some cute designs for notepads, to-do-lists, note cards, letter paper, envelopes, invites and announcements. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM I've found however is how long it takes to print and ship each design/drawing I do!!!! (about 3-4 weeks - I get them professionally printed - I find my printer at home just does not cut it with the quality I want.) So, I've found a solution (which a lot of other etsy sellers have already started doing!!) and that's to sell PDF designed templates so that all you have to do is print it out yourself on what ever surface/paper/texture you want!!! I may decide to print some of the most popular ones later down the track though!

I'll let you guys know how I'm doing!!



wevegotpaper said...

Aww, I love your new postcards! The drawing is very sweet.

And selling PDF files of your stationery is a great idea! I'd definitely consider buying some! :)

Julie xox

Little Miss Mel said...

Thanks Julie! I'm working on my sushi stationery!! I'll let you know how it goes!!


The Candy Shoppe said...

I also like the PDF but I still like the idea of mailing them I have mised feelings over it. I wounder would you ever get into making sketchbooks, little ones I always have one in my bag where ever I go to draw

LindaGJ said...

Your illustration is so sweet! I understand about the printing off of the computer printer. My cards look high quality from my printer, but have decided to, from now on, get them printed by a lazer printer, like I do with my prints. It won't bleed if it gets a drop of water on them. And of course they are much better quality. I need to understand more about PDF's and the printing you are talking about though. How do you sell PDF's I am not familiar with PDFs. :) I feel like a dummy here! Anyway, love your illustration and I am going to check out your shop again!
BTW: I decided to hang my poster in my bedroom on a white wall. Let me know if you want a picture of it. It looks really awesome there!

Little Miss Mel said...

I know what you mean Candy Shoppe, nothing beats having the real print. It's like physical proof of your artwork, something that you know you created yourself and something you can touch! I will probably end up printing my favourite designs either professionally or myself. I love sketchbooks too! And I've always been interested in making books and bookbinding! but that gives me too many ideas and too little time! I think i'll leave that to the pro's!
PDF's are like an computer protable document. You can have anything become a pdf - photos, word documents, pamphlets, brochures, design templates (like what I'm thinking of doing). I'm planning on constructing my stationery designs in a PDF. Then all customers need to do is print it themself on what ever paper they want and as many times as they want!!! Saves me printing and shipping because I can just send it via email. I'm thinking of designing invitations (wedding and birthdays) and birth announcments too (one of my friend's recently had a baby)! A lot of people like to construct the paper stock/envelopes etc themselves but all they need is the design! And all i need is to find the time :) I'll keep you guys posted on how I go though! xx M

rkdsign88 said...

That's lovely postcard. Yes, PDF is easier, no worry if your work lost in the mail too :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

LOVE IT! that is really super cute. You really have talent little miss mel. =)

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