Thursday, May 14, 2009

UPrinting Giveaway!

Hey everyone! I have exciting news! I am hosting a giveaway sponsored by UPrinting company. 1 lucky winner will win a 16x20" Poster Print from!! Here's how you can enter:

Just post a comment
explaining how you would creatively use your free 16x20" Poster Print! It's that easy!

I will be closing the competition on 21 May 2009 so you have until then to think of something creative! The winner will be selected by random and will be announced here on my blog. Shipping and handling is free for the U.S but for everyone else in other countries, you will be responsible for your own own shipping costs.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!


LindaGJ said...

Wow!!! It depends on the poster I suppose! Do they design their own design? If I were do a design of my own poster, I would display it everywhere I can think of, through my blog, Flickr, art festivals I'm in....and also will be framing it to display in my condo! Now that is featuring one of my designs. If a choice can be made I may even use my friend's that are musicians, that are selfishly involved in a Music project at a local Children's Cancer Hospital, where they are spending their time spending time with Cancer patients that are children. They help write a song and the child writes her lyrics and also sings the song. This is made into a purple cd and given to the child. It's also gotten so much pubicity and is even aired on a Continental
Airline radio station. If anything, you should check out this amazing website: These are angel friends of mine. I also posted about them on my Flickr page: in the show off and tell section.
If there is a choice, these are just a couple of things I may do. I need more info as to what kind of poster it is & what you are looking for!
You can check out my shop & blogs at:

That's all.
Linda :)

Little Miss Mel said...

Thanks Linda for being the first to enter! I guess it can be used for what ever you want and a design of your own choosing!

I'm off to check out your friends' site now! It sounds like a great project and charity. Thanks for sharing it with me :)

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