Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Exciting news!! I have decided to go into business! Doing what? Well let me tell you! Let's start at the beginning...

There's this really cool online marketplace called that I have become addicted to! Here you can find a whole range of handmade stuff (jewellery, clothes, paintings, stationery, books, you name it!) And the sellers are ordinary people from all around the world! Genius!

This is a perfect place for a crafty/design enthusiast like me who has always dreamed about making her own artwork and selling it to others! But what would be my art? Well, after many hours of researching and clicking links I found the perfect idea! Polymer clay...and let me tell you, it's addictive!

So there I was, playing with clay, molding cupcakes, ice-creams, muffins, cakes, animals, hotdogs, and movie characters to be made into cute and adorable earrings, necklaces, mobile phone charms and more! The ideas just kept coming: tv characters, book characters, gaming characters, different foods, matching things and even sporting teams! THEN I had ideas on doing charm bracelets, leather wraps, and pandora style beaded wrapped bracelets (it's so popular at the moment). Playing the polymer clay is so much fun! I was determined more than ever to set up my own shop and sell sell sell!

Having a design background has helped me tremendously. I had to design my own shop banner, profile, business cards, and stickers for packaging. I also had a few marketing ideas up my sleeve to try and kick-start my business. Once everything was in place it was definately time to register my shop!

I took several photos of my products and calculated all my costs. My shop was up and running in no time. Everything looked great - the banner, profile, announcement, shipping, policies - I was so excited! But now all I could do was wait....(how long will it take for someone to buy something? Would people like it?)

But I didn't have to wait long! My first sale came through within 24hours of setting it up! and then another 2 the next 24 hours! Good sign so far don't you think?! I am so excited!

So that's a lot to take in, in one post! But things were on a roll and I thought setting up this blog to write down my progress and the life of Tinys would be a fun and interesting adventure!

Til next time
Tiny Love

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